After embarking on a UK tour this May, Lofi jangly bedroom pop artist JW Francis found himself performing at Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s last Sunday. His brand new album “Dreamhouse” which came out earlier this year defined the feel and tone of the night whilst his interaction with the crowd seemed effortless from the start. “Lofi” a popular track from his debut album was the first song of the night, followed by “Keep It Cool, Steve” an excellent title even though no Steves were there to witness it sadly. An exciting addition to the set was “Orbit”, an unreleased fast paced love song that has only been played live two times before (we were the third ones yaaay!). It was also revealed to us that “Sweet as a rose” was written when a guy asked Francis if he could write a song about his girlfriend Sanaz who was sweet as rose. “Dreamhouse” after all is a collection of people’s love stories, and while this particular love story didn’t last long, the couple had to reunite to create the artwork for the song which I though was pretty funny. Other highlights of the night include “John take me with you” his most popular track to date and “I love you” during which he confessed his love for pretty much all of us in that wee Scottish bar. “Dreamhouse” the song was also one of the loveliest moments of the night.

Overall, his music is quick to grab you by the hand and take you somewhere fun. Even if you hadn’t heard of JW Francis before it didn’t really matter. For me if felt like his energy passed on to us and soon enough we were all living in the same lofi indie pop dream, and let me tell you something


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KATERINA is an indie artist from Crete, Greece based in Ayr, Scotland. After releasing her first single «They’re trying to sell my books» at the end of 2022 through Damfino Records, she has performed live at CamGlen Radio, Culture Incrociate and Glasgowstreetsound. Her newest single “Ballad of a Hollywood Dreamer” was recently played live on BBC Introducing.