📸 Rachael Sweeney

Hot Milk set the (SWG3 Ware-) house on fire with their triumphant return to a Scottish stage!

The energetic pop rock group from Manchester took to the Glasgow stage to perform a thrilling set list, mostly consisting of absolute belters from their debut album, “A Call to the Void”. The band is made up of Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitarist; Hannah Mee, Lead Vocals and Guitarist; Jim Shaw, Bassist; Tom Paton and Drummer; Harry Deller!

I, of course, have heard of Hot Milk and their ever growing popularity amongst the alternative scene, however, the only song I had actually heard before the show was “BREATHING UNDERWATER” from their debut album as it frequently pops up on Kerrang! and TikTok!

The lively bunch, originally from Manchester, bounced all over the stage as they performed high paced hits such as “HORROR SHOW” and “BLOODSTREAM”. I have to say that the shared vocals between Hannah and Jim really gives this band a unique and fresh feel to their music! This band certainly knows how to control a crowd as they had the audience singing, dancing, crowd surfing, moshing and having the time of their lives. You can tell that they are very loved by the fan base they have built over the years.

Now about half way through the set, the song I was waiting for “BREATHING UNDERWATER” was played and turned out to be the most emotional part of the set as it left not only fans in tears but lead singer, Hannah Mee, in tears and needing fans to help sing the chorus. A beautiful moment that I’m sure made the band feel like this is why we do this. For moments like these.

But emotions aside they got right back to tearing up the stage and had everyone, from the barrier to the back, jumping in the air. They even pulled one delighted fan onstage to help sing their hit, “Candy Coated Lie$”.

Ending the night with an encore of their classic tune, “GLASS SPIDERS”. The emotional rock band certainly performed their hearts out and gained a new wee fan in me as I left the venue feeling impressed, emotional and ready to add everything to my Spotify playlist! If you’ve not yet listened to Hot Milk, I’d seriously give them a wee listen as these guys are certainly one to watch!