Gig Review | DMA’s @ Fat Sam’s, Dundee | 16/04/23

Aussie rockers DMA’s gave a sold out crowd in Dundee a night they’ll never forget.


RATS opened the night at a sold out Fat Sam’s. The Liverpool based outfit joined DMA’s for five nights on this tour with Dundee being their last stop, as well as their only show in Scotland. Those who got down early were treated to some swaggering indie tunes, including a preview of ’10 Missed Calls’ which is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Dylan John Thomas

Dylan John Thomas was up next, performing in Dundee for the third time in less than a year. There was plenty of support in the crowd for DJT as the Glasgow native stormed through his half hour set. Tracks like ‘Jenna’, ‘Nobody Else’ and ‘Feel the Fire’ had sections of the crowd bouncing, whilst covers of The Strokes and Johnny Cash got those who are unfamiliar with Dylan on board. One of Scotland’s biggest rising stars added a few more new fans with this impressive showing.


DMA’S, the headline act for this sold-out crowd, recently released their fourth studio album ‘How Many Dreams?’ which charted at number 3 here in the UK, their highest so far. The album spawned five singles, four of which were performed, as well as ‘Forever’ and title track ‘How Many Dreams?’ Much of the early parts of the set were dedicated to newer songs, including a few tracks from DMA’s 2020 release ‘The Glow’. There were frequent visits throughout the set to the fan favourite debut album ‘Hills End’ with ‘Delete’, ‘Play It Out’ and ‘Lay Down’ closing out the main set of 13 songs.

An encore followed shortly afterwards which included ‘Feels Like 37’ and ‘Laced’, tracks that predate ‘Hills End’. The night was ended with the incredible single ‘Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s the Weekend’ from their latest album. This night in Dundee was followed by shows in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Manchester before the UK tour officially came to an end in London last Friday. The band are off to mainland Europe now but will return to the UK this Summer for a few festival dates and a support slot for Courteeners’ massive Heaton Park show in June.