Dundee-based alternative rock outfit Desert Kites have just released their new single ‘Restless Mind’, which is driven by a sonic soundscape built on influences taken from 90’s grunge and indie rock. There’s a dash of shoegaze and a nod to classic and prog rock along this musical journey Desert Kites have written! 

Their grand and thumping rock sound is a driving and passionate one, driven by those heavy riffs and humble vocals. Add some vocal harmonies and sonic drum fills, and you’ve got the sound of Desert Kites. ‘Restless Mind’ is a steady drive from the beginning until the very end, listens like a road trip, feels like a friend you haven’t met yet. The grunge-y influences Desert Kites bring to the recording studio give off hints of Nirvana and Foo Fighters but toned down. Without any rush, the band work their way through the song, making it sound almost effortless. ‘Restless Mind’ reflects on the lives the band’s led, describing many emotions, but always poetic. With their soundscapes they paint images, lyrical montages and views we had not yet discovered. 

On their being as a band, Shaleph O’Neill said: “We are simply united by the single goal of just wanting to make and share music during these difficult times.” On the inspiration behind the single he added how he’d lost his father when he was still a teenager and had to take care of his mom and brother at twenty years old, “this song came out of me re-examining that part of my life. Before I knew it, I’d written this song to my dad telling him about what it was like to lose him. It wasn’t really intentional.” There was a riff, words followed, and within a few hours the song was completed. With the addition of vocals and a brass section, the song finished and ready to be released, and now it is yours to consume and take life lessons from!