What’s the Score?

For indie revellers, mullet heads and all your general clued up, gig goers in the Glasgow area, ‘Stag and Dagger’, is the start of the summer! It’s the warm up event to get you in shape for all the summer sessions in, ‘King Tuts’ or up ‘Bellahouston’, way. The bank holiday piss-up, to kick off the months of drinking in the parks, barbecues in the back and long walks in the sultry, hot air.

S & G

For those who don’t know what the hell I’m on about. ‘Stag’, is an all day festival, where you go between all the best gig venues within the Sauchiehall street area, from around two in the afternoon till two in morning, seeing a miscellaneous assortment of bands and artists. For drinkers, it’s a dangerous voyage but for music lovers of all kinds, regardless, it’s an amazing opportunity to experience a years worth of gigs, all in one day.

One of ‘Stag’s’ defining peculiarities is that like many festivals, there are a lot of clashes when it comes to the acts and their stage times. What makes this a bit of an oddity is the venue caps are all significantly smaller than your, ‘Glastonbury’s’ and your ‘Trsmt’s’, so you’ll find yourself more than once, downing drinks and sprinting between places, like Mo Farrah on crack, trying not to miss all the acts you want to see. Trying frantically to avoid that dreaded moment when the bouncer announces to you in a tone of harsh nonchalance: “Full up!”.

Sometimes though the beauty of ‘Stag’, lies in the things not going to plan and you find yourself in situations you’d never expect. Last year for me was particularly messy but I’ll never forget it, for the roses and the thorns.

Wrapping It All Up!

So get yourself a ticket and experience the start of the Summer with a great day of music in the city. Who knows where you’ll end up! I’m sure that, wherever the destination, you’ll see some sights along the way… apologies in advance if I’m one of them!

Grab a ticket from this link:

Some tunes to big you up for it. See you there!