Gig Preview | Leah Kate | King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow | 02.11.2022

Embarking on your first ever headline tour is a special experience for any musician. And for Los Angeles born Leah Kate this tour will be a surreal venture as she takes on a European run for the very first that sees her travel from Manchester to Hamburg and everywhere in-between. I’ll be taking a look of what to expect from what’s set to be an incredible run. 

Four days into her run, the LA singer will take to the stage in a place that has saw some of the most memorable debuts in its time – Glasgow’s famous King Tuts Wah Wah Hut awaits and being a fell out, I think it’s safe to say we are in for something quite special. Named as ‘Leahnation’, you can already see how much excitement she has on the build-up to these shows. 

Her pop/rock anthems cut straight to the bone – she pairs booming, radio-ready choruses with dizzying hyper-specific detail, her songs are extremely relatable and razor sharp and has the kind of songs that reach out to listeners worldwide. Leah is living her dream by reaching deep into her own feelings and sharing them with her fans, connecting in various different ways that just make her song writing so special. It’s the perfect introduction to pop’s new sensational voice.

Taking things back to the beginning, in 2018, Leah would post her own covers on a self-titled YouTube channel around the same she drops her debut EP, Impulse – that includes singles WTF & So Good. Her early career is packed with very well received tracks – following up to the 2018 EP, singles Visions and Bad Idea graced our speakers all self-released. Fast forward to June 2020 and Leah lands yet another top drawer single with ‘Fuck Up the Friendship‘ which made its way across TikTok at rapid speed becoming a popular sound that saw streams of over 33 million on Spotify.

On the build up to her October EP ‘What Just Happened?’ in 2021, Covid then struck that saw her plans to tour the US and Canada with Bailley Bryan coming to a swift end after only two shows. This then saw the release of ‘Shit Show’ a week in the advance of her EP dropping. Rounding off the EP came F U Anthem, an ode to a certain someone who also inspired another single further down the line.

With only a few second snipped of 10 Things I Hate About You racing through TikTok, the demand for the full song was endless and only days later the full track reached all streaming platforms smashing over 20 million streams in the first month alone. From a young age, Leah knew music was her destiny, and when you see the reaction to things so far, her dream was fast becoming a reality.

We are now heading to a close of 2022 and Kate will now embark on her first ever headline tour right on queue with the release of EP number three – Alive and Unwell. Her very own vision is all coming together in the most exciting way. With 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, reaching top 20 at Pop Radio and 10 Things surpassing 250 million global streams, the future is very bright for Leah and I for one can’t wait to strap in a ride along the next chapter in an already special journey.

You can catch Leah across the UK and EU from the 28th of October. See you down the front!