CreamFloats is one of the newest and most exciting platforms to grace the Music Industry-even better that it’s based right here in Scotland. CreamFloats is essentially a music audio visual platform but with a rare attribute for the Music Industry- it’s ethical. 

Founded in 2017 by Kerr Wilson, CreamFloats has made impressive progress during it’s short time in the industry. CreamFloats positively fills every gap left behind from some of the top video platform sites such as YouTube. There’s a distinct lack of support for artists on platforms like YouTube, from measly royalties to a tremendous lack of recognition and artist publicity. According to Digital Music News, YouTube has some of the worst per-stream payouts at $0.00074 per stream. Artists and content creators would make $1,472 after 1,989,189 million plays (just think about how little that figure is for nearly 2 million hits). Everyone will also know the sheer annoyance of seeing one of your favourite artists do a live session on YouTube but with no option to download the version, no option to support that video and no option but to revert back to streaming sites and listen to the recorded version (which will also result in ungenerous royalties). Kerr Wilson saw the effects these platforms had on artists but also the lack of download opportunities for music fans. 

You can access CreamFloats and all of it’s musical delights from either their website or their newly available app. You can sign up as either an artist or a listener, follow artists and share content with your friends and followers. There are direct links under the sessions to download and artists get 85% in royalties! It cannot be emphasised enough how much 85% is in today’s streaming and downloading environment so you can watch and listen to your favourite artists while also ethically supporting them and their music. Often, music video platforms can be a bit dull and it seems sometimes that the sole purpose of the existence of the majority of them is to exploit musicians and earn money from advertisements- but not CreamFloats. CreamFloats video sessions are entertaining to watch and their ‘CreamFloats served here’ sessions are particularly easy on the eye, creating the ultimate video platform. 

‘CreamFloats served here’

It’s difficult to describe how refreshing it is to see a platform like CreamFloats exist in the industry and just how much they do for their artists. It’s apparent from Kerr Wilson’s determination and drive to support artists just how passionate he is about the business. Wilson and his team have worked with some of Scotland’s best upcoming artists from Amy Lou to Dictator but it doesn’t stop there. CreamFloats is international and aims to connect the world through video, giving you direct access to video content from artists all across the globe from the comfort of your profile. Artists can build their own profiles with information on merchandise and upcoming shows. This is another one of CreamFloats’incredible features, if you add your location to your profile, CreamFloats will show you all the upcoming gigs near you from their artists. So, no matter where you travel to in the world, CreamFloats has you covered for a decent gig.

Discovery Music recognises just how important CreamFloats is and we’d love the chance to interact with you on the platform. We’ve created our own profile so make your profile here now, give us a follow and keep up to date with what we’re listening to!

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