What’s your role at DM?
I’m a writer for Discovery Music.

How long have you been part of DM?
A few weeks now, however I’m very excited to be a part and I can’t wait to see where this takes me as music and concerts really are my passion. 

Outwith DM what do you do?
Outwith DM I do quite a lot. I’m a member of both Inverclyde and Glasgow youth council and I’m very active within youth politics. Through Inverclyde youth council I’ve questioned Nicola Sturgeon on STV news about mental health policy in Scotland and been to parliament. I’m a Speak Out Champion for Girlguiding Scotland which means I represent Girlguiding as a whole in the media and in politics and we work on various campaigns and have recently met with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at her official residence. I am also a part of the Girlguiding Contingent for the European Jamboree 2020 which has been rescheduled for 2021 where I’m the social media representative for the Scottish contingent. On top of this I’m also a young leader and ranger at my local unit in which I’ve been going to for 10 years. I’m also a member of Young Labour and have met with many politicians such as Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard. Alongside this, I absolutely love concerts and I try to go to as many as possible which also explains why I’m constantly skint. It’s my favourite past time along with the football. I’m a season ticket holder at my football club where I have been going for years now with my dad and I’m a huge fan. I go to every home game. I also collect records and play guitar which again explains why i always have no money. 

Why did you want to join DM?
I wanted to join DM because I’ve been a huge music fan all my life. I would love a career down this field when I’m older so I think it’s an amazing thing to be involved in. It’s also very fun and I’m hoping I meet incredible people through it. 

Who’s your favourite Scottish artists ?
Now this is a hard one. I’m obsessed with too many Scottish artists and bands but if I had to choose, number 1 would have to be Declan Welsh and The Decadent West without a doubt. I’ve followed them for over two years now and it’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown and continue to do so! I’ve also been in one of their music videos and I’ve not missed a Glasgow live show of theirs. They’re absolutely unreal.
Next would have to be Retro Video Club. I’ve listened to them for around a year now and I finally got to see them supporting The Libertines in December, gutted I can’t see them this month though due to covid but equally excited for November. After that it would have to be The Dunts who I think are incapable of releasing a bad song and are equally as amazing live. The Snuts, Voodoos, Dylan John Thomas and Gerry Cinnamon are also high on the list as well. 

Best gig you’ve been to?
I can’t pick just one so  Declan Welsh at St Lukes, Arctic Monkeys at TRNSMT, The Libertines at The Barras, Shed Seven at the o2 or The Cure at Summer Sessions. All three hold a very special place in my heart. Still absolutely in awe I’ve seen Arctic Monkeys and The Cure. 

Best venue in Scotland you have been to?
Barras definitely. Nowhere in the world compares. 

Favourite festival you have attended? 
I’ve not been to many as I’m 17 and I was only allowed to go to gigs alone at 16, but I’d have to say TRNSMT 2018.

If you could create your own festival, who would be your 3 headliners?
This is very hard probably The Doors, Oasis and Joy Division.

What’s your favourite genre of music and why?  
Probably indie, rock or new wave. Rock because when I was younger my dad would always listen to The Doors so that has always stuck with me and I absolutely love everything to do with them. Indie because I love discovering new music and most of my favourite artists come under indie and new wave because Joy Division, New Order and The Cure have a special place in my heart. 

How would you describe the Scottish music scene in 3 words?
Class, banging and exciting.

What’s the best and worst thing about the Scottish Music scene?
The best thing is that all the artists support each other and there’s an amazing community with and good buzz around it and the gigs are just world class and you won’t find it anywhere else in the world. It’s don’t actually think there’s anything bad about it. Its unreal. 

Favourite drink at the pub?
Legally Irn Bru hahaha! But probably a pint of Magners or a long island ice tea pitcher from Spoons.