What’s your role at DM?
I’m a writer at DM, I review singles, albums, EPs and live gigs of Scottish bands! 

How long have you been part of DM for?
 I have no idea! A good wee while now. Maybe a year? 

Outwith DM, what do you do?
Career wise, I work in finance. Hobbies, I love music (obviously!) I play piano, bass and I sing. Also love reading, running and swimming. 

Why did you want to join DM?
Purely because of music and to see the vast amount of different styles, genres and acts Scotland has to offer! 

Who’s your favourite Scottish artists? 
Biffy Clyro, Shredd, Square Eyes, Lionel, Forgetting the Future, The Dihydro and so much more! 

Best gig you have been to?
 I love gigs where the band interacts with the crowd really well or if it’s a big massive theatrical thing. So, Enter Shikari , Rammstein and Ghost were some of my favourite gigs of all time! 

Best venue in Scotland you have been to?
 The Corn Exchange in Edinburgh, The Stereo in Glasgow, MadHatters in Inverness. I really enjoy intimate gigs too.

Favourite festival you have attended? 
It’s in England but Download. Every time I’ve been, people have been so friendly and amazing bands every year. 

If you could create your own festival, who would be your 3 headliners? System of a Down, Black Sabbath and Rammstein. 

 What’s your favourite genre of music and why?
I love all types of music, but I mainly listen to Rock/metal/alternative. 

How would you describe the Scottish music scene in 3 words?
Experimental, progressive and unique. 

What’s the best and worst thing about the Scottish Music scene?
Best – It’s intense, in a good way. No matter what, the crowd always enjoys the show. Never been to a gig in Scotland where it’s just been “meh”
Worst – Wish that more people would come to the Highlands!! 

Favourite drink at the pub?
Anything sweet. Either that or a Honey Jack Daniels.