The Vanities unleash a killer EP.

Glasgow hailing garage punk rockers The Vanities released a brand-new EP on Friday. The racing 6-track record is packed full of scuzzy riffs and punk spirit, so if you need an energy boost to get you through the week then look no further.  

The noisy four-piece have risen to the top of Glasgow’s thriving punk scene and made their mark alongside bands like Gallus, Snash and Rascalton. They are a band renowned for their raw live energy and vivacious sound, and since starting out in 2017 they have gained a loyal fanbase in the city. Now, free from lockdown restrictions, they are more than ready to take the live circuit by storm again.

The EP

Opening track ‘Skag Boy’ sets the pace for the record; loud and fast this track is an in-your-face punk offering featuring crashing cymbals, brash distorted vocals and racing guitar. Lyrically the track touches on the subject of heroin use, borrowing the title from Irvine Welsh’s ‘Trainspotting’ prequel.

‘OTC’ is a catchy fan-favourite offering that follows suit with fast-paced riffs, distorted vocals and plenty of youthful punk attitude. This one is infused with endless untapped raw energy and it’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head all day long.

Next the ferocious ‘Reality TV’ comes in with powerful lyrical commentary poking fun at the overabundance of reality shows “Fame is the church and money’s the steeple”. Sonically it’s a punk-rock banger with a rumbling bassline, rapid drums and thrashing guitars.

‘Wasted All My Days’ follows with blistering guitar riffs, frenetic drums and crashing cymbals that are all tied together by an infectious driving bassline and Alan Hannah’s emphatic vocal delivery as he sings out relatable and clever lyrics“Give me the odds on me loosing my mind / and the odds if I care that the sun don’t shine”.

As the EP draws to a close angst filled ‘I’d Rather Die (Than Have a Job in a Tie)’ comes in with deep-cutting lyrics protesting the mundanity of a 9-5 desk job life. Sonically the track showcases The Vanities more experimental side, around the 2-minute mark the track slows down and we hear some transcendent vocals all before the pace picks up again for a powerful finish.

Lastly, garage rock track ‘Oh Me Oh My’ closes the EP on a strong note. Comprised of raw guitar riffs, nice melodies and gritty vocals, this track takes a slightly slower pace than the rest of the record. The track also has some of the most memorable lyrics “Oh, me, oh, my / Are you bad enough? / Come and take a ride / Are you man enough?”.

Overall, ‘Your Kids Are Gonna Love It’ is a brilliant encapsulation of The Vanities sound. The EP’s hard-hitting lyrical themes and rough around the edges style has once again solidified The Vanities as one of Glasgow’s finest punk forces, and it honestly has us itching to see them live! You can check it out here.

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