Following the success of 2022’s “Deadly is the Woman”, which saw Megan Black continue her success and cement herself as a rising star of the UK music scene, she has ended her blistering year by releasing 2023’s EP “Full Circle Part 1”.

For those unfamiliar with Megan’s work, the West Lothian based singer-songwriter has quietly been making a name of herself as a powerful voice of authenticity with exceptional musical craftsmanship. Her 70’s blues rock-inspired sound is truly captivating, matched only by her lyrics as she explores vulnerabilities in our modern world and themes of LGBTQ+, feminism, sexuality, mental health, and addiction.

Her fusion of rock and queer pop is a recipe for producing anthems, as previously demonstrated by her reimagining of single “Sweet Bisexual” in May 2023. Megan’s individualistic sound has garnered praise from fans and professionals alike, with recognition across the pond in the form of awards in La and San Francisco.

In “Full Circle Part 1”, Megan’s ability to use her own experiences as inspiration stand front and centre for all to witness. She explores complex and delicate themes in a defiant manner, which her raw vocals compliment on every track. By exploring themes of hope and fear in her own life, she invites the audience to share her psyche whilst simultaneously exploring their own. Megan takes her audience on a journey of reflection, guiding them through troubled waters while leaving them optimistic and empowered for the future.

Opening track “Mother. Sister. Lover” is a modern feminist anthem. The lead track is a rally cry for unity in the modern era, encouraging women of all backgrounds to converge together for better. Black’s celebration of the spirit of womanhood opens with the repeating mantra “mother, sister, lover, I’m with ya… all they wanna do is keep us apart”. The direct approach and simplicity of the songs production delivers each word with emphatic conviction. Megan delivers an astounding monologue in the bridge, “I’m tired of fighting for something I never chose”. Supported by female-identifying and non-binary artists whose voices amplify the songs message. The rich, harmony of vocals creates the feeling of power in unity which is sharply contrasted by Megan’s final isolated vocal which drives home a sense of defiance.

“Just For Fun” leads us on a journey to a heavily 70s-inspired and guitar-infused rock track. This punchy single is delivered with her usual confidence. It’s a foot stomper in every sense. The infectious second track explores self-destructive tendencies as Megan sings, “I find comfort in my own pain and freedom in the mess I’ve made”. Pairing a marching drum beat with playful guitar licks conveys the pleasure experienced in the act of causing her own downfall.  Every word is delivered with sensual confidence.

On third track, “Fuck You / You Stole My Youth”, Megan lends her voice to the victims of sexual assault. Her approach to this song, as with “Mother. Sister. Lover” is so forceful, as to reclaim the narrative for survivors. Using her experience to show that while awful thins can happen, they do not define you – “it’s no coincidence that I came out stronger”. The songs sees Megan rap for the first time – a welcome addition – while she speaks to her younger self and a changed approach in her life. This song could find itself an anthem to empower survivors of sexual assault. The guitar is punchy, matched by upbeat drums and Megan’s vocal flair.

Wrapping up the EP is “Me vs Mother Nature” – an urgent call to address collective environment concerns. The song stands as a reminder that fears over the planet are real and valid. It’s a 70s blues rock song with a softer touch. Megan’s voice has a light, angelic yet powerful touch throughout the track. The comparisons to Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell et al., are endless, and deserved.

Megan’s catchy melodies and instrumentation paired with her sincere and honest lyrics are quite sublime. Her craft for song writing is central to what is another rousing success for the award-winning artist. “Full Circle Part 1” is a rousing end to what has been a blistering year for Megan Black.