KENO is a German artist/producer based in Glasgow who recently released his first ever EP “Missing Pieces”. KENO writes, performs AND produces his own music but frequently collaborates with other singers as well. That’s why this EP is a unique blend of voices and genres with catchy hooks and melodies Ed Sheeran would be jealous of.

The first track on the EP is “I Miss You” featuring Max Who.
There’s something very summery about this song, it starts with a gentle but rhythmic melody that really takes off in the pre chorus with back vocals and guitars swooping in. By the time the chorus hits you see beaches and palm trees, I don’t know why but you do. It also perfectly suits Max Who’s voice who has collaborated with Keno before on his track “Youthful Thoughts” (make sure to check it out over here!)

“I Miss You” paves the way for the biggest track on the EP “The Way” featuring Sally En. Sally En’s own solo catalogue is filled with beautifully peaceful and melodic tracks, so this one, (being more pop oriented) makes her voice stand out in the most intriguing way. “The Way” has the catchiest chorus ever. The structure of the song however doesn’t necessarily align with pop rules which makes things more fun, the verses move and change a lot, the bridge comes sooner than expected and the production builds up with drums making this a banger of a song.

By this point probably the last thing you expect to hear is German in any shape or form, but “Leere” wins you over quickly trust me. The most introspective song on the EP, Keno sings this one himself in a low Lewis Capaldi esque voice accompanied by a beautiful piano track. “Leere” works on many levels. Definitely the most emotional and reflective song on the EP even if you don’t understand German, we couldn’t have asked for a lovelier ending.

Definitely excited to see what’s next for KENO, till then take a look at some other collaborative projects he has been a part of either as a writer, producer or both.

Fabiola Tutaj – Endless Eyes

Home – Keno Feat. Sally En

KATERINA – Ballad of a Hollywood Dreamer

Call it Home – Sally En

Caroline – Aerelle

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KATERINA is an indie artist from Crete, Greece based in Ayr, Scotland. After releasing her first single «They’re trying to sell my books» at the end of 2022 through Damfino Records, she has performed live at CamGlen Radio, Culture Incrociate and Glasgowstreetsound. Her newest single “Ballad of a Hollywood Dreamer” was recently played live on BBC Introducing.