Up-and-coming indie-rock band from Edinburgh continue to make waves in the music scene with the release of their EP. Bootlace are dropping their newest work on 28 July, a four-song EP called Basement Ball.  

Bootlace consists of four members and have been releasing music since 2018. The band describe themselves via their Spotify as “a postage indie band from the eastern bit of Scotland”.  

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They kick off this EP with a beautifully melancholy piece of music titled Wake Up (Davie), a piece about broken promises and doubtfulness.  

Drums and strings combine in the modestly lengthy introduction, giving this track a powerful punch of emotion.  

The duo of higher-pitched vocals and lower, gravelly tones works great with this song and gets across the feel and the message the band are portraying.  

Image Credit: @_bootlace_/Instagram

Alter Earring is the second track in this EP. Bootlace take us on a complete 180-turn emotionally as this song begins with an intense burst of energy from the guitar and drums. This piece provides fans with plenty of chances to go wild in the mosh pit with the energetic instrumentals. Amidst this upbeat tune are darker lyrics as they focus on a woman’s wishes and thoughts on her deathbed.  

Next up is a song that you can read a full review about here. Back to Back With Angus continues the energy from the second song on this EP. A heartfelt piece backed with racing beats lead us through this song in a whirlwind.  

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After an insane wave of energy and intensity, the band round off their EP on a more relaxed note.

Animal (Daley) opens with soft strumming of strings and a smooth clink of piano keys before expanding into a steady thump of drums and more emphasised strings. Thoughtful vocals match the tone of this piece nicely as it takes us to the end of the EP.  

Basement Ball is a unique experience brought from the heart of Scotland that will take you on an emotional adventure as you navigate through its tracks.  

If you want to keep up to date with the band and their new releases, you can find their Instagram here.  

Featured Image Credit: @_bootlace_/Instagram

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