Album Review | The Kimberly Steaks/No Matter | Split

Aaaaaaaaand they are back! Better than ever, fresher than fresh linen on your washing line. The Kimberly Steaks have just released their 7” alongside No Matter, available now on Brassneck Records on some tasty, yellow/purple vinyl or via digital download. The Kimberly Steaks have been a strong contender in my musical library for a long time, their capacity to paint the picture of my experience growing up on the West coast of Scotland: the dirge and the grind of a dead-end job and wanting more.

‘Empty Vessel’, the first track of the release, resonates with that deep desire to go and get gone, and I kind of did in a very literal way as I’m sure many others have also. Whilst sitting on my wee sail-boat-for-a-home, no permanent place of residence, just floating in existence, I contemplate the last lines of this tune, ‘If I’m off today don’t look for me. I’ll be gone, already miles away. Another empty vessel lost at sea.’ That’s sheer poetry. Their deep words are embedded in the hooks and riffs of an upbeat punk rock vibe. Take some time to listen a little harder to what they’ve got to say.

‘Look the Other Way’ is a purge of the struggles we all face, a virtuoso in word form. Punchy and straight to the point, that familiar Kimberly Steaks sound shines through with the No Matter flair. Impossible to ignore is the hard hitting lyrics that fill each and every line of this track, not one word left unturned. A solid piece.

Finishing with something  incredibly cathartic, ‘Sick’ is the tune I’ll be screaming my face off to when I need to let off some steam. I’m sure we all know someone who we’d like to get off our chest by joining in the reprise of ‘I’m sick, I’m sick I’m sick to death of you.’ The angst is simply captivating. Go check out the long awaited release from these awe-inspiring artists and get their lyrics in your bag of musical liberation.