Perth based alt-rock newcomers KNACKERED release their explosive second single “SPIRALS”.

The four young rockers started KNACKERED early this year, developing from singer Logan Gilmartin’s solo project. So far, the band has performed across Scotland and released their debut single “When We Were Younger” back in October. They’re showing no signs of slowing down with this follow up track.

SPIRALS” is four minutes of pace and energy, leaning more into the group’s punk influences than its predecessor.  This one also sees bass player Elliot Miln take over on lead vocals. After a short guitar intro, the slick riff and heavy chords from Logan Gilmartin and Tom McGregor respectively, accompanied by the thunderous drumming of Finn Lennon will have you moving before the vocals have even kicked in.

Through the verse and pre-chorus Miln laments about heavy drinking and being in a bad place. The chorus is what it needs to be – catchy with great vocal delivery. Whilst the lyrics suggest “everything just spirals out of control”, the boys are in complete control, the tight sounds and smooth guitar licks transition into the next verse and chorus.

There’s a slight pause before the guitar kicks in again, which during live shows will give the crowd a few moments to get the mosh pits going for this heavy music break. This leads back into the chorus, with Miln performing half of the chorus alone before the full band kicks in for another chorus. The outro provides another opportunity for the lads to quickly rock out before the song ends.

It’s an impressive second outing for KNACKERED, who are already showing a great diversity in their sound. With two excellent vocalists clearly capable of leading a track, they’ve got a whole lot of potential. You can catch them at Audio in Glasgow on the 16th December as they provide support to CRASHKID! alongside Pedalo and Project Nevada.

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