The Charlatans l Gig Review – Aberdeen Music Hall 17/05/22

The Charlatans once again took the stage celebrating the 30th anniversary tour of their iconic best of album A Head Full of Ideas. The tour was originally meant to take place over a year ago so fans were finally excited to see the group take to the stage.

The group played an amazing setlist filled with chart hits and fans favourites such as The Only One I Know and Sproston Green as well as a good mix of lesser known and more underrated songs. Despite being an older band, front man Tim Burgess did an amazing job to hyper up the crowd with eccentric dancing and cheering. With his haircut dating back to the 90s, it was almost like travelling back and seeing the group in their prime as the performance was incredible. Fans jumped around and sang along with a crowd old and young enjoying the overall well rounded and enjoyable performance and atmosphere.

The group definitely impressed even sounding the exact same as recordings. The tour still has some dates remaining and tickets available so make sure to check it out here.