Fife based singer- songwriter Xan Tyler released her latest single ‘Joyce and Joanne’ on the 22nd of March. This single comes from her debut album ‘Holding Up Half The Sky’ that is released on May 4th. The album is written as a celebration of female empowerment, with each track on the album touching on personal themes throughout life. Xan Tyler hopes that listeners will relate to the tracks on the album.

From the moment the song begins there is a catchy slow beat, her vocals are on point and are perfect for the song. The track can even be described as angelic, with the lyrics of the song telling a relatable story of two friends, Joyce and Joanne, navigating their way through life’s ups and downs. It is a heartfelt and empowering message about friendship and the importance of having someone by your side.

PHOTO CREDIT- Album work by Jo Richards

Xan Tyler will be celebrating the launch of her album with a live event and pop-up art exhibition where I am sure you will get to hear the beautiful track live. This event will take place at Glasgow’s iconic Panopticon music hall on the day of the release. After hearing this song I will definitely be listening to the album when it comes out.