Cross my heart, I hope you light it on fire, Stop playing, it’s dangerous

This week Glasgow rockers Vukovi dropped their latest single ‘Mercy Kill with a pretty emotive music video to accompany it. Premiering world wide during Daniel P Carters Rock Show on BBC Radio One it has already had a pretty epic launch.

Having very recently signed with Sharpe Tone Records it’s exciting to hear a new track and see which direction the band is going in. Momentum for this single will continue to build as Vukovi prepare to head out on tour supporting Babymetal on their UK tour before their HOME TOWN shows in the Cathouse (Glasgow) at the end of November – still some tickets left so run don’t walk to buy them now.

The song caught my attention straight off the mark with something comfortingly familiar about it. The intro is simple yet effective with an electric drum and bass sample and Janine’s incredibly powerful vocals.

Janine explained the message behind the new single ;  “I wanted to depict the devotion towards addiction, whether it be towards a substance or another human. You know it’s dangerous but find yourself submitting to the high again and again.”

As the song builds there is a real sense of creativity with the word flow, a poetic story telling element throughout the track. Janine’s vocal range is incredibly impressive and her voice adds a real haunting atmosphere to the song. The guitar and drums drop in, building up into the HUGE chorus. This is going to be a hugely impressive song to hear live. I feel the story behind the tune is significant and will likely resonate with many and has been potrayed artistically by the band.

Directed by: Janine Shilstone, Zak Pinchin

I’m aware from the band’s socials that the video has been getting censored. I hope people can appreciate the creative element of the cross over between song and video. I think the team behind the video have done an incredible job and I hope it gets the positive recognition it deserves.

I absolutely loved the track and I will be watching in anticipation for their socials to see “Mercy Kill” get the mainstream radio play I feel the song deserves.

📷 Cameron Brisbane

“An innate cursed fate, when I lost my way, you were the only light that I had inside”

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