Elementary to Penitentiary is the brand new single from Edinburgh quartet Usual Affairs.
Due for release March 24th, this is the 6th single from the band since debuting She Knows back in 2021. The band have gone from strength to strength since and this new single is probably the most passionate yet.

As the title suggests, Elementary to Penitentiary is an observation of somebody stuck in an endless loop of deprivation, desperation and bad choices. There’s a real sense of anger and frustration at a system that doesn’t support working class communities. Bassist Cal -who wrote the lyrics – explains a little bit behind the meaning of the song.

I wrote these lyrics in my room after getting home from being out and on reflection, I was probably angry at the world. I think they speak for a lot of my friends and people I know who struggle to find their own way in life….

Although I normally take the stand that a songs meaning is the interpretation of the listen, this song is one of the few occasions I would say the meaning is literal.

Cal (Usual Affairs)
Elementary to Penitentiary

This unique storytelling style of writing is one of the bands biggest strengths. Frontman and vocalist Scott has a distinctive hook with his authentic Scottish accent and as a band the guys blend well together. The clean guitar riff is instantly memorable and the drum and bassline work closely to carry the whole momentum of the song. Structurally it is spot on. A predictable verse, pre chorus then full chorus demonstrates a strong standard of songwriting skill from a young band. The guitar solo break after the second chorus is great. It really contributes to maintaining that high energy that it track delivers on really well.

A band worth watching over, Usual Affairs have come back stronger again with a crackin’ tune. Having seen these boys live I know just how much depth and energy they bring to their music on stage and it is not to be missed.

Words by Anne Kelly