The summer anthem we wanted that came in January to beat off those January blues… premature but absolutely a track to prepare us for the festival season this year.

Joshua Grant and Katie Nicoll is a collab that maybe we didn’t expect especially for this pop punk track.

Their track tidal wave dropped at the end of January and it’s already got a lot of attention and rightfully so, being added to Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer rock playlists.

📷 Jack Currie –

Joshua Grant on the track;

More than a year ago I had this idea for a chorus on the flight home from Vegas. I recorded this voice note in the airplane toilet and took it in to Johnny Madden to write a summary pop punk banger. We knew it needed something special though.. so Katie Nicoll came in to feature. I've been listening to her for years now so it's amazing to see her lift this track.

I really like this track and it’s been stuck in my head since the release date; it’s got a super punchy sing-along chorus. When Katie’s vocal kicks in and the phrasing of the song changes it provides a ‘wow’ moment. The band playing a similar rhythm to the vocal line makes for a satisfying listen.

It is good to see both Joshua and Katie playing about with different genres, it’s a collab we maybe didn’t expect but I’d love to hear more.

Tidal wave is a great example of a top quality pop punk track; singing about love/heartbreak, a catchy chorus, heavy guitars and relatable lyrics. A really impressive track.

Grant has promised his fans a song a month this year which is no easy challenge, so I’m looking forward to seeing what else might come from him this year.

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