Single Review | Thunderstatement | Arcade State

“Thunderstatement” from Arcade State, is the bands third song from their debut album, “Life’s Not Linear”. 

It’s an anthem for the people, who aren’t afraid to step out of the lines, to challenge those in power and to stand up for themselves. The band themselves state that it’s “absolute chaos” from start to finish; just listening to the opening scream, they are not wrong. 

But it’s extremely good chaos!

I feel this song is a desperate plea to not follow society and live how you want to live. The lyrics, the mood, the passion all make that clear. 

It’s empowering. 

It has a nice guitar riff throughout that’s super catchy with crashing symbols to accompany the chorus. I love how the chorus slows things down, changes the pace from the verses, with more harmonies coming through. It makes the switch back to the verse and the main guitar riff edgy and dynamic. It gives me Oberhofer, “Memory Remains” vibes, one of my favourite songs. 

This banger I feel could speak to those who are a little lost, feeling constrained by the rules and rituals of reality. It gives us the motivation to break free from the barriers and make our own Thunderstatement.