Over the past two years, Lossiemouth quartet The Roov, have continued to show their effortless ability to navigate a great pop song, almost to the point that it hurts. With almost 300,000 streams on Spotify between their 8 singles, people can’t seem to get enough of their gloriously infectious anthems. Their latest offering, “Boys”, stays true to formula and showcases everything this band have to offer, which is a whole lot.

“Boys” starts off pretty stripped back, with lead singer Lewis Anderson’s vocals coming in immediately, accompanied only by some light instrumentation and percussion. The interesting thing about the arrangement here is the keyboard and guitar are occupying a completely different rhythmic space, creating a totally unique but wholly satisfying groove. Another thing to note is the two guitar parts, panned hard left and right, that seem to be in a constant and frenzied dialogue with eachother, whilst never being in disagreement. As the track progresses, we reach the bridge which has a real “synthwave” feel about it, serving its purpose formidably in building up to the huge chorus that we have come to expect from these disco-pop mavericks.

Image by Troy Nelson of Magic Box

“…you get a sense that these guys have fine-tuned every little detail in this track, showcasing their constant development as a musical outfit.”

There are so many nuances in this track, it’s hard to pick out the best. The verses are relentlessly good, delivering hook after hook. When the line “I get a hold on you” is sublimely mirrored by the drum beat, you get a sense that these guys have fine-tuned every little detail in this track, showcasing their constant development as a musical outfit. Another memorable moment comes in the refrain after the second chorus, with guitarist and vocalist Frankie Ralph’s repetition of the main hook, “Caught in a 22, and I’ve been missing you”, being strongly reminiscent of the brighter side of the 80’s, in a “Video Killed the Radio Star” kind of way. Complete with one of Frankie’s signature The 1975-esque guitar solo’s, Boyshas all the characteristics of your typical banger from The Roov, but with more style and incredible amounts of experience.

Although you always know what you’re getting with these guys, you always seem to want more. With their unique blend of shameless pop and tongue-in-cheek cheesiness, The Roov are a brand as much as much as they are a band, and one that you’re going to want to buy into pretty soon.

Watch the excellent video for “Boys” below, and you can also find the Spotify link where you can add it to your playlists. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses!

Video by Troy Nelson of Magic Box