Edinburgh’s Mapped By A Forest release their latest single The Night.

This duo Sam Morris and Brian Philp have only been together since 2023 and have already released a lot of music – Bridges and Our Place In The World. Some of their music has already reached the airwaves of Jim Gellatly’s show on Amazing Radio and some air play with BBC Introducing.

Lyrically I feel this track is pretty strong and has good narrative and imagery throughout. To me ‘The Night’ is a song about just about managing, holding on and crawling to the night.

“Do you know when to stop and worry about nothing? “

This particular line resonated with me, I feel as though adulting can be hard – so much going on and a lot of plates to spin. We worry, possibly more than we should about things that really shouldn’t get our energy.

I believe the band has potential to enhance the middle 8 of this track with something catchy and exciting, which could make it stand out even more. It’s promising to see them seeking collaboration with other musicians on social media, as this could bring fresh layers of creativity to their music.

Mapped By A Forest will likely be of interest to music fans who like and appreciate the creative work of the likes of The Smiths and The Cure. As a band they identify well with that dark British post punk sound.

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