Scottish four-piece band, The Castros, have just released their latest single The Boys (June 7). This track is the newest in the indie band’s chain of singles as they craft their discography – a summer anthem suited for their busy season of shows. 

The Boys acts as a throwback for young people who grew up in Scotland, focused on the endless time spent in the pub and the good (and bad) that arose from such nights. 

Growing up in Scotland, rain or shine (usually rain), the pub was the place to be on the weekends. You could socialise with your mates, play some pool or darts, and have a couple drinks to unwind from the week passed. This track will resonate with those that love a Friday night at their local in their downtime, reminding listeners of those long summer nights of laughter and mischief.  

Frontman Brad Walker originally wrote The Boys to tackle a writer’s block. It then became the first song that The Castros completed together, quickly evolving into a cult classic at gigs. 

The Boys washes over you like a warm summer breeze as Walker fondly reminisces a typical night at the local. “The boys were singing, bouncer’s swinging” paints a picture of volume and chaos, yet Walker sings about it light-heartedly – clearly these nights hold a special place in his heart. 

This track will be a staple for the summer season – a feel-good nostalgic track that listeners can relate to as they sway along to the sound.  

The group supported the release with a live gig at Edinburgh’s Mash House on June 7. If you missed this one, worry not! The Castros are gearing up for summer with a string of live shows: 

Norwich – Feelin’ Supersonic Festival – June 16 

Glasgow – Poetry Club – June 21 

Leven – Silverburn Festival – June 22 

Edinburgh – Liquid Rooms – August 8 (supporting) 

Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s – August 17 

Derby – The Hairy Dog – November 29 

Featured Image Credit: The Castros/ Aaron Andrews

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