Acting as an exercise in balancing the irrational and rational thought processes that the human psyche puts people through, ‘Oh’ is undoubtedly an alt-pop triumph from the Glasgow trio TEOSE

With the mystique and somber nature of the likes of Soccer Mommy and the lyrical prowess of acts such as The Cure, “Oh” is a shot in the arm to the scene and a real statement from the Glasgow trio. Their first release under UK Indie label Kaleidoscope, the band’s fuzzy guitar riffs with the lyrics that set some rather high narrative stakes with an overwhelming success outline the inner conflict and self-contradiction that our vocal protagonist is experiencing. The self-destructive nature of the lyrics is what meets the listeners’ mind at the door ‘i’ll expect you to chase me anyways/and when you don’t I’ll be so upset’, forcing the listener’s expectations into a melancholy and self-pitying box in a way that is so charmingly human. The track, however, does possess a positive contrast with the phrase “self-therapy” being implemented to suggest that you are all that you need in this world.

With this track comes an incredible journey of self-discovery and presents the listener with the challenge of confronting the incessant self-destructive chatters that may cast darkness on our daily lives and with its charming alt-pop packaging and sonic elements injected with personality, this is a gift to the ears and the mind.