Single Review | Saint Sappho | Grass is Gold

A new and hazy alternative meets shoegaze rock track was brought to our attention by Saint Sappho. Their latest single ‘Grass is Gold’ is thrilling and driven by heavy guitar sounds, elements of synth and goth and instantly grabs the attention.

The alternative rock duo from Glasgow consist of multi-instrumentalist Zoe and drummy Tammy and together they bring sonic soundscapes to their respective scenes. A sound grander then most stadium rock bands nowadays, Saint Sappho deserves a brighter spotlight. ‘Grass is Gold’ is darker and more moody compared to the rest of their discography, and it perfectly matches our mood these days. Saint Sappho didn’t release ‘Grass is Gold’ to get rid of our winter blues, they’re here to soundtrack it!

On their latest release, the duo said: “I decided to try meditating for a week and noticed all the narrators of the guided meditation said to visualise a waterfall. I stopped mid-meditation and wrote this song instead. Inspired by trying to create the visuals described but in a musical form.” As usual for Saint Sappho it’s in an alternative genre and keeps to a consistent and upbeat tempo.” We’ve never truly heard such an interesting ‘behind the track’ story which makes this dark goth rock track an even more memorable one.

‘Grass is Gold’ sounds without hurry and confident, showcasing the duo’s softer side, giving us vocals that sound effortlessly soothing. It soundscape is carefully colourful, working with its own refined palette of elements, Saint Sappho have now well and truly cemented themselves onto our radar!