Glasgow based soul singer Russell Stewart has released a brand new single, the surprisingly funky ‘Inward’.

Bursting onto the scene in 2019 with the roaring success of ‘Midsummer’, Stewart has since shown his talent with soul music and established himself as one of Scotland’s most promising soul artists.

Now with his debut EP ‘Into View’ just over the horizon, he is ready to make his mark.

‘Inward’ is characterised by its melodic piano chords paired with beautiful backing vocals and up tempo hi-hats, which create a soulful sound with a little bit of an RnB groove. The introduction of a subtle bass line and electronic elements in the chorus and second verse build a much more rounded sound.

It’s all tied together tightly by Stewart’s silky harmonies and leading vocals, which create a smooth, relaxing feeling. It’s a perfect song to sit back and chill out to.

A constant in Russell Stewart’s music is the incredible vocal talent he possesses, which he makes good use of on ‘Inward’. With a classic indie edge but the grace of a soul singer, he is a man with a golden tongue.

Lyrically, the track explores emotional withdrawal and efforts to break out of your shell. It focuses on the importance of needing that wake-up call to get you going again. It’s a very relatable message that helps with the tracks broad appeal.

The complexity of the lyrics however does leave something to be desired. Perhaps a deeper dive into his emotions would be more moving, but that isn’t the goal with ‘Inward’. The song as it is, is catchy and smooth, which works well in its favour.

A simple yet seductive song, ‘Inward’ is something everyone should listen to at least once.

Watch out for the EP ‘Into View’, which is released November 18.