Aberdonian Rachel Jack is something fresh onto the music scene, with her love and inspiration of Bon Iver clear in her own writing. She is the dreamy song you can’t get enough of. It’s also no surprise that she won the Paolo Nutini Songwriting Scholarship at the University West of Scotland.

‘Nowhere’ begins by demonstrating the true beauty of Rachel’s voice in pure acapella, accompanied with some gospel like harmonies in the background. She is then joined with her acoustic guitar which emphasises her voice and the beauty of the song itself.

Much to be admired it is clear that she is not afraid to really play around with her voice. With flawless jumps into falsetto during the verse it really gets the hairs on the back of your neck going, and shows her rich musical ability.

The short but sweet ending with the astounding vocal harmonies completes the piece as a whole, and could signify the various different paths that we still have to follow. Although, at this moment in time it feels like we could be going nowhere.

‘Nowhere’ is definitely a song that we can all relate to with it being about the twists and turns that life throws at us along the path we spent years building in our mind as a child. It’s simplicity is very fitting to the meaning and something we can all relate to. We can definitely see the reasons why Rachel was so deserving of the scholarship, and look forward to seeing what the rest of her up and coming album has to host.

Check out ‘Nowhere’ via the link below.