‘Tis the season of political songwriting, and the Pleasure Heads have provided another weighty track loaded with sharp anti-authoritarian barbs.

These times of uncertainty and unrest are bringing out a different side of the Scottish music scene, one that shows that modern culture is tuned in to the world around them, and following Sign of the Times from Rascalton, it’s clear to see that awareness of our situation is definitely rising.

The opening of the track sounds suspiciously upbeat for the message it holds. The band manage to walk the line of tight production and rawness perfectly, the vocals are as impassioned as always, paired with the catchy simple riff to help embed the lyrics deep in your mind. Switching over to the reserved opening of the bridge before going in to a short tight solo, then pounding the message home with one final go of the chorus. The Pleasure Heads have carved out such a unique sound that makes them instantly recognisable, yet every track released feels like something fresh and new.

Pleasure Heads have a massive strength, the way they connect on a base level with their listeners in a way that feels genuine. They’re the quintessential sound of the Scottish working class, with a song for every feeling and mood. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry, want a dance, want to throw open your door and overthrow the Tory government, or just want to sit in your boxers and relax, the Pleasure Heads have you covered.

War & Orange Juice feels like the right tune at the right time, and the delivery is perfect. The voice and music meld with lyrical prowess to bring people together with a necessary point. Clever wordplay, a strong instrumental, and a vocal performance deserving of your attention are all on offer in this release.