Single Review | Oh Romance | Animals

Glasgow quartet Oh Romance have smashed into the new year with their new hardcore alt-rock tune “Animals“. Usually related to mellow yet punchy-sounding indie/rock music, the group have opened the floodgates and entered the gutsy Glasgow alt-rock/punk scene, home to The Roly Mo, Gallus and The Vanities, to name a few.

Oh Romance consists of four members; Alex Campbell (Vocals & Rhythm), Blair Russell-Simpson (Drums), Alex Cameron (Bass Guitar) and finally, Jamie Hamilton (Lead Guitar). Also having a hand in this banger of a song are Jamie Holmes and Johnny Madden, who helped the group produce the single.

“Just a pale face starin’ back at me. It doesnt matter who its gonna be. we’re face to face, we’re just animals”

Oh Romance – Animals

As you start listening, a stampede of white noise and drums comes at you, settling you into the song’s pace. However, the group stays true to the song’s title by adding a ton of animalistic feelings. An example of these would be Jamie Hamilton’s wailing guitar segments and Alex Campbell’s guttural screams during the chorus. Though as crucial as these aspects are, the almost tribal chant rhythm of the song for me is the natural hitter here, constantly coming back around and making you want more.

“Animals” shows the band’s capability, how they can ply their trade in any genre, and how they make a nail-bitingly good song look so easy. As a result, it’s no wonder why they have already been featured on BBC Radio 1 Music Introducing.

It’s safe to say that Oh Romance has got the recipe right with this anthem, and I can’t wait to see where they end up next.