Nicholas Ross has outdone himself with his upcoming new single called ‘Notes from a Ghost’. Be ready to get your mind blown with the sinister experience that the single takes you through- it is quite the journey.

The single starts off slow, giving you the impression that there is something about to happen- something mysterious, something dark and dreadful. The melancholic tones never leave the riffs of the song- they transcend into each other smoothly, continuing a feeling of horror, chaos and even confusion. The heaviness of the song is wonderful, poetic even, the darkness that the song goes for is definitely enjoyable.

Ross’s usage of instruments- the drums, a single guitar tune playing in the background during the main riff, along with the tone of madness that the riff sets is a brilliant move- it gives an insight into the more complex ranges of music the heavy metal artist explores.

The second minute of the song is quite unexpected. The eerie and slow tone Ross sets will make you feel like it is the beginning of the end- right before the world burns and everything destructs.

The single is a great look into the promising future of Nicholas Ross’s music. The tunes are wild, and it seems like his newer releases will get only wilder. Notes From a Ghost gets your blood running, and your adrenaline pumping as you descend into the underworld. It gives an insight into the depths of music Ross can reach with his choice of instruments and music, making us excited about everything else he has to offer. Are you daring enough to venture through this experience?

Cannot wait for the release of Nicholas Ross’s single on the 6th of January, 2023!