Fife-based singer-songwriter Xan Tyler pulls you into a dreamy space with her latest release, Miniature Oceans.  

Scottish singer-songwriter Emma Pollock collaborated on this track. Tyler and Pollock’s interplaying vocals feel like a warm embrace after a long day.  

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The heartfelt lyrics pair well with the relaxed guitar and drums, creating a profound piece. Miniature Oceans sounds like the embodiment of a daydream. The Fife-based artist has truly encapsulated the feeling of youth, love, and nostalgia in this song. 

The pacing of the track will lull you gently into a state of peace as you reminisce about found memories. A musical interlude towards the end of the piece fits the structure of the song well and doesn’t feel out of place, it matches the peaceful pacing that has been set.  

This is the first single from Tyler’s upcoming album, Holding Up Half The Sky, which is set to release in 2024. Miniature Oceans is set to release on May 26 via Last Night From Glasgow.  

Although this is Tyler’s debut album, she is no stranger to the world of music. She has had several collaborations in the past, including an album collab with Mad Professor in 2021. Having been described as ‘genre agnostic’, her upcoming album has a promise of creative freedom rather than being bound to one genre.

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