Single Review | Megan Black | Funk For Introverts

Once in a blue moon a talented creative enters the scene, breaks boundaries and surpasses expectations. This blue moon, it’s Megan Black. Her latest single, ‘Funk For Introverts’, is another 70’s blues rock-fuelled track with her powerful voice at its core and fantastically fabricated compositions making the song another queer feminist pop anthem.

The song is an ever evolving one with changing paces and hooks fuelled by the surprise of a musician stepping out of their comfort zone. We hear spoken vocals, soaring vocal lines, thumping drums and warm bass lines, they all make this song a mesmerising listen. She fuses 70’s rock with hip-hop, soul, pop, and funk, and defies all expectations. Megan uses her voice to express her own experience of neurodivergence and navigating a world where she will never be able to please everyone.

‘Funk For Introverts’ brings together different genres and changes of pace which makes listening to it a journey of surprise. Megan Black is bringing on necessary change by making societal topics discussable such as being queer, neurodivergent and feminist. Yet even without their important message, her songs are the powerful and uplifting anthems we all need in our lives!


She just performed a captivating live set at Newcastle’s new multi-venue all-day festival Aelius Alternative Festival and will be performing at Dunfermline’s PJ Molloys on the 31st of May. After that she’ll be heading to the Isle of Bute for Butefest on the 27th of July! If you think that listening to Megan Black’s recorded music is an experience, prepare yourself for what she brings to the stage! Together with her band she knows exactly how to wrap her listeners around her finger and keeping them hooked from the beginning until the very end.