Rising North Lanarkshire teen delivers quintessential country classic.

Mayah Herlihy wastes no time in taking 2022 by the horns! 28th of January marks the release of her 5th single “Hometown Girl”. A country ballad that displays the young musician’s magnitude of maturity at only fifteen, this track bears reverence for the genre’s greats.

A foundation of euphonious violin and acoustic guitar opens the doors for Herlihy’s naturally gritty, dulcet vocals to command the track. “Hometown Girl” possesses the swing and rhythm synonymous with country, you can’t help but tap along. Seamless layering of instruments allows the track to flow under the lyrics, enhancing them at every turn. A crescendo builds until the sliding, electric guitar cuts through to accompany the vocal harmonies, adding another dimension to this dynamic track.

Lyrically, this track explores a feeling of homesickness and reminiscence-staples of the genre yet Mayah adds her own twist. After experiencing expediential growth in just over two years since she stepped on the Scottish music scene and, with a wealth of notoriety under her belt including being added to King Tuts International Woman’s Day playlist, BBC’S Single of the Week and being played in the house of Parliament- Herlihy is returning to her roots.

“Take me home so I can remember what it was like back when I was a Hometown Girl”

Lockdown only strengthened the Scottish teens resolve; releasing four singles, three of which reached No.1 in the UK charts, and doing her share of charity including Off the Beatson track. It seems there is nothing that can stand in the way of the young Mayah Herlihy. Keep an eye on her socials below for news of upcoming events!