Saint Vienna are back with their brand new single Lonely Ghost, an incredibly catchy track to feed the inner emo in us all.

Glasgow’s five piece alt rock/emo band have just released their latest single Lonely Ghost. Saint Vienna pride themselves on being the ‘elder emo’ band, blending rock/pop punk and ’emo’ from the 2000s to create the nostalgia us emos all love, whilst somehow keeping their sound contemporary and relevant.

Lonely Ghost is what I’d call an ear worm. The track that sticks in your head, whether you know the right words or not you are guaranteed to be singing along. Lonely Ghost is memorable, it’s catchy and surprisngly upbeat given the content of the song. The track builds throughout with some well placed drum fills from Scott and playful guitar from both Ryan and David.

The song is relatable to anyone who’s struggled with poor mental health, the track itself is emotivie which is reflected in both the music and Nic’s raw vocals throughout.

“I only wish I had known that I’m not wired the same. There’s something inside of me, that I can’t find inside of you”

We all know music and creativity in general is so good for mental health, whether you are making it or listening to it. Music is super powerful and if bands like Saint Vienna can use their platform positively to support others through some really awesome music, tackling subject that may be a bit more taboo then this is going to be so beneficial to many people.

Some of the band have been suffering with different mental health challenges throughout our lives and faced the stigma of keeping quiet. We want to talk about it, we need to talk about it and we all need to normalize it. Together, through Saint Vienna, we can do that. – Saint Vienna.

Saint Vienna were a new discovery for me and this is the reason I joined the DM team to hear incredible things happening in Scotland. I feel as though they are a fantastic example of a cleverly written, relatable and fun band. You don’t neccesarily have to reinvent the wheel to stand out, drawing on influences past and present, staying true to yourself and writing things that make you happy will get you the right support.

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