Last Friday brought about the release of a new sound on the Glasgow music scene, as Lewis Jaoui releases his debut single ‘Something We Can Figure Out’.

Avid indie followers may recognise the name from his work in popular band The Roly Mo. In addition to his work in the band, Jaoui has spent much of his time working on his own music and songwriting, cultivating his own unique sound. A sound he is now ready to share through release of his debut single, and it’s everything you didn’t know you needed.

Something We Can Figure Out‘ portrays an optimism in title and in feeling. The track is gentle with a sense of vulnerability and reassurance. This charming debut seizes the opportunity to showcase Jaoui’s musical talent, aptitude with guitars, drums, production, but also in creating feeling and capturing a listener. Listening to his debut, it is clear Jaoui has an innate know how with music, and is very in tune with his craft.

The melodic vocals and dreamy guitars create an almost melancholic optimism. There is an absorbing daydream type quality for the almost three and a half minute tune, which is a unique feeling to achieve in a debut single. The talent which exudes the track is modest but will be clear to anyone who listens.

This refreshing new release is not one to be overlooked. Listen to ‘Something We Can Figure Out’ available now on all major streaming platforms, and follow new artist Lewis Jaoui on his socials to keep up to date with any future releases.