New to the scene but in no way a novice is Glasgow band Julia’s Bureau. With a wealth of local grassroots experience between them, the alternative four piece released their first ever single Signature Look on April 28th.

Julia’s Bureau L-R Jo Whitby (drums), Have Murray (bass) Tom Gilbert (guitar), Euan Davidson (guitar, vocals)

Conjured up during the COVID lockdown, Signature Look is a witty reflection on the things yet to be achieved. Written by vocalist Euan Davidson (formerly of Wendell Borton), the singer shares his thought process

“It’s inspired by the sort of vague, fatalistic thoughts I was having – rather than being worried about my health, I was thinking about everything I had or hadn’t achieved in my life, and the vain, superficial boxes I felt like I needed to tick.”

Euan (Julia’s Bureau)

Released on HIYA LOVE Recordings, Signature Look is a hook driven guitar based track with witty character. The discordant intro wastes no time in getting stuck inside your head and Euan’s wry vocals compliment the songs energy effortlessly. It sounds familiar, and perhaps it is. The 90’s grunge influence is strong here. The obvious comparison being the likes of The Breeders with its comforting steady pace. Or you could go further and suggest he jangly guitar riffs crossed with the breezy vocals carry early Queens of the Stone Age vibes. The similarities are not to be taken critically though, it’s a credit to Julia’s Bureau to produce a debut so warming it sparks that kind of instant familiarity to the ear.

Not just an audible treat, Signature Look has also been given a visual make up with accompanying music video. Despite its half-baked black and white visuals, the video wittily captures the bands wry personality and quirky sense of humour really well. Filling up four individual camera squares like a work from home Zoom call is the four member of Julia’s Bureau with a fitting guest appearance from Euan’s cat. A really strong opening offer from a group of skilful artists that given the right exposure should do well on the local live scene and beyond. I’m looking forward to seeing where this new venture takes this band.

Words by Anne Kelly