Josh Moncrieff is an indie singer songwriter from Dundee and in November he released his first ever single Paradise Road.

If anyone has ever gone to open mics around Dundee you’ll have seen him at nearly every one, most recently been running his own night at Casa in Dundee. He’s never been shy of hard work and has been plugging away hard over the years and built up a great network of support from musicians and friends alike.

On speaking with Josh about the track he said; This song was written before I stopped playing. The song name came from a street in Dundee called Paradise Road. I’ve been sitting on this track during that 5 year hiatus felt it was time to get it out there.

Paradise Road tells the story of ‘coming of age’, not being sure about what you are doing next but that being okay. The track is an upbeat number and makes for an easy listen with its catchy chorus. It gives me 2006 summer indie vibes with the likes of the Kooks and Razorlight.

Cause I'm stuck here alone with you.
I'm not entirely sure what on earth were gonna do.
But if you take the time to sing to this.
Ill see you sometime and maybe we'll laugh about this.

For a first release I feel Josh has done a really great job with this song and hope he continues to write more original material whilst developing his own artistry.

Stream Paradise Road on all major platforms now.

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