Single Review | Hitlist | Soul Survivor

Intriguing and captivating, it kept me engaged the whole song.

Hitlist are Aberdeen’s latest upcoming talents and have recently released debut single called Soul Survivor. The band’s first released track is one that positively sets them apart from other modern bands.

Gentle guitar strumming is what initially fills your ears when this track starts. This progresses into more electric sounding guitar work with a slight distortion present. Hitlist’s frontman begins to sing and his voice is rather haunting and powerful. In some parts, his voice displays raspiness, making what he is singing sound more prominent and enticing.

The Aberdeen quartet’s debut single is filled with catchy guitar riffs that continue the duration of the track. At just over 4 minutes long, it is longer than the average song but this doesn’t detriment it at all. Hitlist’s debut track is a fusion of an Oasis sounding melody with a Scottish accent. This mix of concepts has produced something very intriguing and captivating, it kept me engaged the whole song.