Single Review | High Fade | Fur Coat

“An atmospheric room filler!”

High Fade add to a string of energetic, and catchy releases with latest single, ‘Fur Coat‘. The trio have had a busy year so far, with this newest track being their 5th release of 2023, and they don’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon. These previous singles include ‘Burnt Toast & Coffee‘, ‘Dwee Ba Ba‘, and ‘Healer‘. Before taking on America in October, the independent group have provided fans with a snippet of their eclectic and lively discography, with ‘Fur Coat‘ only adding to this description.

Calvin Davidson‘s drumming instills a steady rhythm to open this track, accompanied by the sound of Harry Valentino‘s signature guitar playing. They are joined by a foot-tapping bassline played by Oliver Sentance. This simultaneous playing is seamless throughout the track, with all of them being heard without it being overpowering. With Sentance and Davidson keeping things steady, Valentino provides a melody with his guitar until the vocals begin.

They begin with a chorus, and each one is the same, describing someone wearing a “fur coat“. Every time the chorus begins they make it difficult for you not to move or dance along, drawing you into a funk trance that you won’t want to leave. As the song goes on, it’s made clear that this “fur coat” is a cover for something else. They go onto sing “she’s got a nice dress, dressed to impress“, stating that something, or rather someone, has caught their eye.

Later on, their somewhat provocative, suggestive statements are purposefully placed around a carefully constructed melody. This includes bass riffs from Sentance that make for intriguing listening. This funk-driven playing is only one of the aspects of this atmospheric tune that will make you hit replay to pick up on things you missed. However, whatever lyrics they do contain within their tracks, something that High Fade have mastered is the ability to create the catchiest of tunes that will attract anyone, whether you look into lyricism or not.

With ‘Fur Coat‘, they carry on what have made them so unapologetically themselves. The local music scene, especially in Edinburgh, is dominated by rock, and it’s sub-categories. It’s always refreshing to hear what High Fade have released because it brings something brand new and exciting to a scene that is sometimes, otherwise very predictable.

With nearly 13,000 streams since its release on September 1st, it has quickly become a popular tune. High Fade recently celebrated a 5 year residency with the award-winning venue, Stramash, and at one of their latest shows, they already had fans showing up in their own fur coats, paying homage to the track. They are no strangers to being added to popular playlists either, with this new one having been added to Spotify’s “Scotify” playlist. With the release of ‘Fur Coat‘, the Edinburgh based trio have created an atmospheric room filler with an accumulation of their individual musical talents.