Glasgow indie-rocker Footsteps Wide has returned with another single produced straight from his bedroom. Following from his debut effort, “Autumn Blues”, the singer-songwriter seems to find his feet a lot more on his latest offering, “A House on a Tree”.

The track begins with a horn section that is effortlessly catchy and, reminiscent of the John Lennon penned “All You Need is Love”, sets a Beatles-esque tone that remains present throughout. In fact, you can hear The Beatles’ influence in just about every element of the song, from the staccato bass grooves and breezy summer melodies to the playful lyricism. The vocals have a laid-back, airy feel to them, similar to that of modern pop-rockers The Magic Gang, and sit nicely on top of the softly arpeggiated acoustic guitar throughout the verses.

Footsteps Wide’s recording setup as shown on Facebook (Link below)

As the chorus hits, we are reunited with the horns and met with the infectiously charming main hook, “A house on a tree, I don’t know what’s been happening to me/A house on a tree on a barge in the middle of the sea”. Having recorded and mixed everything using GarageBand on his phone, this track is a great example of what can be achieved despite limitations and speaks volumes for the solo-artists natural musical ability.

An uplifting key change in the final chorus offers a welcomed burst of energy that makes the last impression a good one!

Listen to the track on Spotify via the link below!