“F stands for Fauves. F stands for Frustration. F stands for Fresh Starts”

After the success of the outstanding lockdown releases such as ‘Bathe’ and ‘Wither Away’, Fauves have yet again stepped it up a notched and recaptured the audience’s attention with new tune ‘F’. This track clearly shows how much they have grown in the past few years, changing from a bedroom indie pop band to the synthetic funky group that we know and love today!

‘F’ is the type of tune that is overflowing with character from beginning to end. The start of the track, is preparation for the funkiness of the chorus, starting with hazy, dreamlike synths, with that psychedelic feeling and hints of the smooth and soothing sounds of the 1990s, Fauves have created a track that is irresistibly captivating, a track that would be criminal not to have a boogie to! A track that would make anyone feel like they are the star of a movie! This synth, psychedelic masterpiece is the start of something massive for Fauves, they are perfectionists not only when it comes to music but the artwork that comes along with their tracks is also something to take notice of. If you have not already listened to them, then do it right now. Fauves are the future!