The Glasgow four-piece are back with a new name and new single; Everything is Easy is that summer playlist topper that you’ve been looking for.

Previously Crystal, Dead Pony may have had a name change but they’ve not stopped rolling out the bangers. Everything is Easy is the first of a series of new tracks to be brought out in 2020 under LAB Records after their success in 2019, including two sell-out shows at King Tut’s and receiving the 2019 Pirate Prodigy Award.

The song is about growing up and figuring out that not everything you once believed was true. “Lyrically, we tried to capture that feeling of betrayal you feel as a young, naive child when you find out that Santa isn’t real or that your conception wasn’t via your dad finding a snotter on the wall and raising it to become you,” the band explains. The simplicity of the song is a welcome reminder of simpler times, and the grungy but upbeat feel captures the sourness of these revelations whilst still feeling carefree.

It’s disappointing people lie when they get old

The track has great driving guitar tones, some very kick-ass vocals and an attitude filled bridge that has a serious punk feel, similar to the likes of the now disbanded Vant. The chorus packs a punch with a slick disco beat to change it up in the last rotation, making an instant hit that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Everything is Easy brings the Dead Pony hype into 2020 and raises the anticipation levels for their next songs and gigs ever-higher.