Single Review | Dazed & Confused | Come Around

“A fusion of different musical styles.”

Come Around‘ sees Dazed & Confused stray into a predominantly rock path as they continue onwards with their musical journey. This latest track from the Edinburgh quartet begins with an explosive intro and from the first note, it is clear there is a lot to unpack. Guitar work from Ruariadh Rattray opens the newest single with Alfie Smith‘s drumming upholding the foot-tapping tempo throughout. Archie Brewis‘ bass skills are heard very early too, further adding to the groove of the song, accompanying vocals from Callum O’Reilly which begin around 15 seconds in.

The lyrical theme for this tune surrounds feelings of betrayal mixed with a sense of hope and wonder. There are phrases like “you played your game“, “I’ve come around too many times, but now I’m being used“, and “in my head, don’t wanna choose“. These play into the betrayed or more negative feelings within the track. During each chorus, however, this is countered with “I see it in your face I let you down, so when you gonna finally come around?

With words like this, there is a sense of mental maturity when it comes to being conflicted and the opposing feelings and situations within certain relationships. It seems like they are discussing the idea that both people have made mistakes and played with feelings that shouldn’t have been tampered with. This is definitely a track that a wide audience can relate to lyrically. However, if you’re not someone who looks into lyrics, then this track will resonate with you musically.

When listening to Dazed & Confused, and specifically this track, it’s difficult not to look for similarities between them and other well known bands. This isn’t because they sound like anyone else, but because they have a very familiar, and nostalgic, sound to their music that will make you think of other bands. The explosive intro in ‘Come Around‘ resembles songs by rock bands like ACDC. Bands like this are mostly famous for guitar riffs and solos, which Dazed & Confused utilise in this latest track with stellar and exceptional guitar skills from Ruariadh.

Additionally, they also share some resemblance to fellow Scottish band, Franz Ferdinand. Both groups are able to take noticeable aspects from older rock but infuse it with modern, personal, and distinctive sounds that will appeal to a much wider audience. With ‘Come Around‘, Dazed & Confused are also continuing to add to a catalogue of captivating tracks that nobody will get bored of. Like Franz Ferdinand, they have created another song that is so easy to listen to that you’ll keep returning to it for it’s nostalgic yet also fresh feel.

Dazed & Confused have done an incredible job at fusing together different sounds and concepts. There is a mesmerising mix of heavy and lighter guitar work which switches around quite frequently. When O’Reilly is singing, the use of the guitar, drums, and bass are a lot lighter which allows for every word to be easily heard and understood. The harmonies throughout the song make it even more interesting to listen to. These higher tones beautifully compliment O’Reilly’s lower pitch. This fusion of different musical styles gives off an incredibly professional sound. This is something that more and more creatives are trying to achieve, but nobody seems to be doing it as well as this Edinburgh group. ‘Come Around‘ is a song that you’ll keep returning to, and one I’ll definitely have on repeat for the foreseeable future.

You can see Dazed & Confused perform ‘Come Around‘ and their other memorable melodies when they make their return to Glasgow to play in the Slay Venue. On October 20th, they take to the stage to support fellow Scots, The Zebecks alongside Wishbone and Cruise Balloon. This is a lineup you don’t want to miss, check out the post below for more details!