Single Review | CRASHKID! | Street Night Queens

Local indie rockers CRASHKID! have released their first new single of 2022, entitled Street Night Queens.

Hailing from Falkirk, CRASHKID! are a 4-piece alternative/indie rock band which formed in 2018.

Since formation they have released 1 EP and 4 singles, with new single Street Night Queens being their 5th following its release on May 27th.

A heavy baseline is the key feature of this track straight from the get-go with deep and distinct chords consistent throughout. Meanwhile, simple guitars add some much-needed contrast to the groove of the base, which build up and become much more compelling in the chorus.

The vocal performance is reminiscent of Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age. Dealing with the matter of dignity, Street Night Queens sounds like criticism of a woman who is falling for someone they’re too good for.

At times, it sounds like a desperate attempt to sway this woman towards the character of the singer. But this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, the image created is very vivid and the characters are simple and distinct.

The lyrics can come across as quite condescending, but the groove of the rhythm and content of the song draws comparisons to male manipulator music like Tame Impala, just with that sweet indie rock vibe.

More development could certainly be put into the character building in these lyrics, but it’s not necessarily needed as you can understand what’s going on easily.

The song is very different to the rougher and more intense sounding Make It Your Own, CRASHKID!’s previous release. It’s obvious the band have a diverse musical range, which is a massive plus.

You can listen to Street Night Queens here.