Single Review | Crashes – Temporary Love

Written by Adam Hamill

Inverclyde alt-pop quartet Crashes are starting the summer strong with their new single “Temporary Love”. The track has a nostalgic, yet fresh sound with guitar heavy riffs reminiscent of artists such as Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon or Biffy Clyro.

The song plays with our understanding of a traditional love song, challenging the listener to consider greater, less superficial meanings of love and ponder if we can ever find ‘the one’ when the universe is so big, Lyrically, you are made to understand the anxieties of life and love coming at you fast and question what our purpose is here.

Sonically, the track not only has an alternative pop-punk feel, but equally and especially in the bridge captures some very satisfying electronic elements. The vocal harmonies are a beautiful highlight of this anthem.

The music video for “Temporary Love” pays homage to classic 16 bit video games with its retro graphics. We follow the band breaking each other out of being captured by Royston Theodore Badman and eventually defeating him as the track pulses us through the story. The video was animated by Rory Gilmartin and features live footage captured by Calum McMillan.

Following a sold-out show in Glasgow the group, comprised of Craig Glover, Andrew Vaughan, Johnny Branchfield and Rory Breaker, have more shows ready to announce going on later into the year which you won’t want to miss.