Cloud Cartel are a new progressive metal band from the lovely city Glasgow and have already made a massive impact within the Scottish Music scene with a couple of gigs already under their belt and have now released their debut single “Aeronaut”.

The song has a melodic electronic vibe which gradually builds with dulcet and catchy guitar riffs, a full bodied bass line (particularly in the break) and bright, open drums which gives the song a groovy tone and general good vibes. It was when the chorus hit with Eric L-Dev’s hard-hitting metal vocals
that gets you want to get up and move! Expressive and dynamic with plenty of layers throughout, it makes you look forward to what this band has lined up next.

With animated artwork to go with Aeronaut they are also looking to release their debut album “Bloom” in the near future! So be sure to follow and support them on all of their social media platforms.

Cloud Cartel – Aeronaut

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