With the world winding down after possibly the strangest year for music, Brodie Barclay rounds things off with his latest single, Thunder!

2021 has seen Brodie gain a surge of followers on social media, open for the likes of David Keenan and release work that has secured the poets place as one to watch in the coming year.

Co-produced with Haquin, a fellow Edinburgh artist, a bed of gentle piano notes and airy synths open this track, creating an immediate feel of reminiscence. Progressing to drum loops, floating guitars and vocal harmonies, Thunder demands the listener to not only hear but feel the lyrics. The Edinburgh singer-songwriter has composed a profoundly sincere work that invites us to recall the innocent antics of our youth.

“Never used to wanna wear my jumper, I was just a little kid rolling in thunder”

Lyrically, this track calls on key childhood memories that are vastly relatable and conjure up a feeling of warmth inside. Musing on an equal sentiment of invincibility and fear of growing up, Thunders ability to evoke such emotion reflects Barlcay’s capacity as a musician to produce work beyond his years!

Ethereal vocal harmonies and lyrics that draw from lived experience are a staple in Barclay’s work, this track is another powerful show of strength. Blending soft acoustic undertones and harder-hitting elements from the drums has birthed a song overflowing with energy, raw emotion and depth. Two minutes packed with unrefined talent showcases all that is Brodie Barclay, his distinct sound coming to the fore after years of working with artists across Europe. Thunder marks the conclusion of the year that heard nearly ten of Barclay’s singles, racking upwards of 23,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a healthy dose of media attention.

Don’t believe me? You can catch him at the Poetry Club in Glasgow on the 20th of February.

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