With infectious levels of groove and a distinct vocal delivery, Beta Waves have successfully created the perfect backdrop for underground nightlife and all of its possibilities.

Whether they are perfecting the nuances of the dream-pop landscape or producing the best that the indie scene has to offer, it is clear that Beta Waves can do just about anything. With their latest offering ’& Dance’, they are not only reinventing the wheel in terms of what dance music can be but they are doing it with an undeniable flair and an airtight sense of identity. The few lyrics that can be heard on this track create an incredibly domineering atmosphere, as if the vocalist is narrating you as you ascend further into a groove-fuelled state of euphoria. The synth-laden backdrop provides more proof that this is a certified earworm, destined to be played through powerful speakers and allowing itself to become impenetrable in the minds and hearts of adoring audiences.

The Dundee pair, consisting of Dale Easson and Harry Crossan, have been exceptionally busy with the release of their newest offering ’Sweat’ making the rounds with an exceptional confidence. The star of these musical upstarts has never shined brighter and, when ’& Dance’ reaches the eardrums of the public, you’ll want to rush to whatever show they’ll happen to be at next.