On Friday Aiden Driver treated us to another brand new single titled ‘Going Under’. The young Stirling based artist has been busy this year dropping frequent releases, his latest offering marks his 6th single of 2022 so far!

Aiden’s signature sound is marked by insightful lyrics, silky smooth vocals and incredibly slick production. His latest offering follows suit; the production is excellent as piano and drums start out softly then build as the track progresses, Aiden’s soothing voice sings perhaps his most deeply personal lyrics yet as the track’s themes tackle the important subject of mental health, Driver ponders: “Am I too far gone? Will I recover?”. Gorgeous layered vocals and solid subject matter make for a cinematic and melancholic three minutes.  

Driver commented: “’Going Under’ is me in a song, if I had to choose one song to keep up forever it would be this as it’s my most personal track to date. I was prepping for a mental health appointment so I wrote down all the stuff I have to deal with before I can go about my day, and turned them into lyrics. Nothing anecdotal, no relationship scenarios, just me in a wee bop.”

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